Monday, July 21, 2008

My Name In.....Chalk

After playing at the park tonight, Mommy and Daddy helped me write my name in chalk. Isn't it pretty?

Here I am playing at Nicollet Commons Park. I love slashing around in the water!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Busy Summer

Emerson has been busy this summer enjoying the warm Minnesota weather. We recently visited the Minnesota Zoo to teach her about new and interesting animals. Her favorite by far was the fish exhibit. She could have looked at them all day and been content.

We also exposed her to her first camping experience as we headed to Lake City over the weekend of June 27-29. Mom and Dad both agreed she did very well with being in an unfamiliar environment. She loved playing at the campground park and trying smores for the first time.

Her first real fireworks display happened this year as we headed to the Stone Arch Bridge with some friends. It was cute to watch her ohhh and ahhh at the display.

We also headed to our friends cabin near Leech Lake this past weekend. She enjoyed playing with her friends Emily and Addy and was at times the center of attention, something else she also enjoys.

She also likes going to the park in our neighborhood almost every day. She also agrees with a recent furniture arrangement which allows her to look out the front window and yell "outside!" or "bird!".