Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Horsey

Last weekend while clothes shopping for Emerson & baby boy Hubbell, Emerson absolutely fell in love with this horse. It kept her occupied while Mom and Dad looked around, so when it was time to leave Emerson had a bit of trouble parting with her new friend, going so far as to hug and kiss it before we left.

While tucking her into bed that night, she asked Mom if we could go back to the store and visit the horsey. The following day during her nap, we decided to run back to the store and get it for her. It was too cute to see her walk into her playroom after naptime to discover "Neigh Neigh" (that's her name for her) waiting there for her. She turned to Mom and said "This is the one I was talking about!"

Here's another one during a weekend breakfast: